Managing Ball Programs

by Tim Ogle

This one feature makes OTBW worthwhile

Facts:  Most Ball Programs are designed to make life easier for both the vendor and the buyer but the programs are not tied to the ever-changing open-to-buy.   Wouldn't it be nice to have the exact amount of balls delivered each month to meet your open to buy needs?     It is easy to do if your vendor provides monthly deliveries.  Achieving turn ratios of up to six (a two month supply) is well within reach, which will improve performance for the entire shop.


1.  Go to Annual Setup | Sub Category Setup and change the "Ball" turn ratio to 5 or 6.
2.  Do not pre-enter future month ball program orders in OTBW.   The full open-to-buy for future months will be displayed.
3.  Before the vendor(s) process your next order(s), create an order in OTBW for each vendor from whom you intend to purchase balls next month (check your shelves to see which kind you need).   Order the approximate amount of the open-to-buy for the next delivery month.    
4.   Call the vendor and adjust the program order for the next scheduled delivery.
5.   Repeat every month, each time only adjusting the next order to be delivered. Your ball vendor(s) should be happy to accommodate your needs.   Your orders for this year will be a great guide to creating a more accurate ball program for next year.



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